Monday, July 03, 2006

Great Ride!

Yesterday, July 2nd, Joe and I had a great ride. We left our house at 9:30 AM. The sun was shining the humidity was low and there was a wonderful cool breeze blowing. We left our house and skirted around the edge of the lake near our house. Then we headed southeast towards Mount Rainier. What a view! Mount Rainier in the backdrop, fields covered in wild flowers, horses, cows, birds for our viewing pleasure. It was a casual ride. After all it had been a long winter and spring of zero riding because of my surgery. Our usual 16 mph average speed was not to be reached this day. Instead we ended up with a 13.6 mph average speed. We rode 25 miles. Twenty miles into the ride our power aide was not doing it for us, so we stopped at Starbucks for something a little bit more tasty. While Joe went inside to get our drinks I claimed an umbrella table and guarded our bikes. Joe returned with his green tea frappuccino in one hand and my iced mocha in the other. Mmmmm did it hit the spot. We sat and enjoyed our drinks and the day. Finally rested and refreshed we once again mounted our bikes to finish the last five miles in record time! It was great!

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